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Solved CSIR-UGC NET June, 2017

Solved CSIR-UGC NET June, 2017

Solved CSIR – UGC NET Life Sciences Practice Test 

The Ace The Race Online Practice Test can be taken by the CSIR-UGC NET JRF Life Sciences aspirants to ascertain their preparedness towards the esteemed examination. On top of the test screen the total number of questions and the number of questions answered will be displayed. After the completion of the test, the complete analysis regarding the correct answers and points gained will be displayed. The same will also be sent to your registered email address for your records. In order to compare your preparation and gauge your standing amongst the other aspirants, a leaderboard will be displayed where the top performing aspirants are displayed. Also the time remaining for the test will also be displayed in the form of a line timer. Kindly note that the test can be taken only once, so take the entire test in a single go and do not leave the test in between or incomplete.

To make your experience of leaning and practicing even more interesting and fruitful; after every question you attempt, the correct answer will be highlighted as green. Now for those questions you have chosen a wrong option, you instantly get to know what the right answer is.

The practice test has been designed using the latest responsive technique and can be taken on personal computer/ laptop/ tablet and smartphones.

Important Instructions regarding the practice test

  • The moment you press the “Start Quiz”button, the practice test will start automatically.
  • Duration of practice test: 3 Hours
  • Total Number of Questions: 145
  • Points per question: 2 for part A & B; 4 for part C
  • There is no negative marking as the practice test is for self evaluation purpose
  • The CSIR-UGC NET JRF Life Sciences aspirants can take this test only once
  • After every question, the correct answer will be displayed
  • Users can not change their answer once it is marked.
  • It is not necessary to answer each question. The objective is that the practice test is to train the CSIR-UGC NET JRF aspirants to strike a balance with the time and the number of the questions that need to be attempted.

Wishing good luck to all the aspirants.

Team Ace The Race