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Book Preview: Ace The Race

The book CSIR-UGC NET Life Sciences – Ace The Race has been written exactly in accordance with the latest syllabus of CSIR – UGC NET for Life Sciences. The structured flow of the content of the book allows the readers to navigate through the syllabus in a systematic and coherent manner.

Index – Ace The Race

The 13 Units in the book comprise that of the 13 units of the syllabus of the CSIR-UGC NET Life Sciences. The development of the structure is the main salient feature of the book as the aspirants do not have to juggle between the chapters and units to cover a particular unit.

PREVIEW Unit 1: Molecules & Their interaction relevant to biology
PREVIEW Unit 2: Cellular Organization
PREVIEW Unit 3: Fundamental Processes
PREVIEW Unit 4: Cell communication & cell signaling
PREVIEW Unit 5: Developmental Biology
PREVIEW Unit 6: System Physiology – Plant
PREVIEW Unit 7: System Physiology – Animal
PREVIEW Unit 8: Inheritance Biology
PREVIEW Unit 9: Diversity of Life Forms
PREVIEW Unit 10: Ecological Principles
PREVIEW Unit 11: Evolution & Behavior
PREVIEW Unit 12: Applied Biology
PREVIEW Unit 13: Methods in Biology