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Online Tests Unit 9

 Unit 9: Diversity of life forms
A. Principles and methods of taxonomy: Concepts of species and hierarchical taxa, biological nomenclature, classical and quantitative methods of taxonomy of plants, animals and microorganisms.
B. Levels of structural organization: Unicellular, colonial and multicellular forms; levels of organization of tissues, organs and systems; comparative anatomy.
C. Outline classification of plants, animals and microorganisms: Important criteria used for classification in each taxon; classification of plants, animals and microorganisms; evolutionary relationships among taxa.
D. Natural history of Indian subcontinent: Major habitat types of the subcontinent, geographic origins and migrations of species; common Indian mammals, birds; seasonality and phenology of subcontinent.
E. Organisms of health and agricultural importance: Common parasites and pathogens of humens, domestic animals and crops.

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